A power surge is a sudden increase in voltage that substantially exceeds the standard 110v/120v/240v/415v. When a power surge happens, the wiring inside your devices overheats and starts to burn. Many modern homes have an abundance of important and expensive electronics and appliances, including computers, phones, stereos, televisions and microwaves that many electronic devices have circuitry or microchips that are specially sensitive to fluctuations in voltage. Even a slight power surge can

  • Put a strain on the device
  • Compromise its performance, or
  • Destroy it

What Causes Power Surges
One of the most common reasons for power surges is the operation of heavy duty electrical devices. Refrigerators, air
conditioners and clothes dryers are just a few large appliances that require a significant amount of electricity to switch
motors and compressors on and off. Toggling high power electrical equipment and devices can create heavy demands
for electricity that can disrupt the constant flow of voltage in the electrical system.
The following can also cause power surges;

  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Downed power lines
  • Problems with utility company ‘s lines, transformers, or other components
  • Lighting is also a rare cause of power surges. Lighting may increase electrical pressure in wiring g by millions of volts, overwhelming even the best power strip style surge protector.


What is a surge Protector

When you the word “surge protector,” you probably picture strip with several devices plugged into it. Surge protectors work by passing electrical current from the strip. A surge or spike above the designed level causes the surge protector to automatically redirect the “extra” electricity into metal oxide varistors (MOVs) inside the power strip . House holds power strips offer limited protection for devices and usually must be replaced after one power surge.

Surge Protection

Power surges can happen in a flash, resulting rom a variety of causes and ruining your expensive electronics. Protect the technology in your home from damage with help of a whole house surge protector .

GFCI outlets

GFCI outlets are used in areas like he kitchen , bathroom or garage where the risk of electrical shock is grater . They can be identified by the test and reset button located on the receptacle. These outlets help protect you from electrical hazards by monitoring the amount of electricity flowing in a circuit and tripping the circuit if an imbalance is detected , the outlets stops the flow of electricity .

Wiring Updates

Old, outdated wiring not only poses a safety hazard in your home or any other commercial building , it is keeping you from full range of functionality from your devices you could be enjoying prevent a dangerous electrical fire and quit worrying about unplugging on device so you can plug in another update your wiring with Electricplanet engineering ltd.

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Sufficient electrical capacity is necessary for the proper function of electrical appliances or devices on a circuit without tripping a breaker or blowing a fuse. In some cases , circuit breaker replacement may remedy overload issues without the need for an electrical panel upgrade, effectively handling electrical needs and preventing electrical fires.

Lighting services

Looking to brighten up your home , Need a new and creative idea for accenting your landscaping . Give EPE a call today for all your lighting need s Our electrician are here to help you put the finishing touches on your home or business, We offer specialty lighting just t to name a few ! Give us a call today and let us work for you!

Ballast and bulb Replacement

Commercial ballast limit the flow of electrical current going to the fluorescent bulbs. This prevents them from becoming overheated and burning out. Lighting ballast are matched specifically to the light bulb type being used.

Lighting controls

Looking for more energy efficient lighting options wireless lighting solutions allow you to control lighting and small appliances in your home simply and easily with use of a wireless remote or smartphone just send us an email or call us.

Bathroom and kitchen lighting

The right lighting affects how others view yoiur home, making bath and kitchen lighting among the top ways to boost resale value. Highlight features and improve functionality with custom lighting design by Electricplanet Engineering ltd.

Recessed lighting

When less is more , clean , contemporary , inexpensive recessed lighting offers design and function, improving lighting in poorly lit areas, lighting essential features in your home, or adding decorative element .

Motion Sensors

Security on the exterior of your home is an important feature, not only for you but also for visitors approaching your doors after dark. Motion sensors save time and money over traditional exterior lights controlled by switch.

Holiday lighting

Holiday lighting creates magic and whimsy for your family and neighbors. For those who want the fun without the fuss, EPE offers both installation and maintenance of holiday lighting displays as well as a large selection of lighting choices.

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Custom lighting can create the perfect setting for success. From adding ambiance to improving convenience and boosting energy savings, EPE offers an array of commercial specialty lighting solutions to fit your needs.

Retrofit lighting

If your fuses blow regularly , you have to use multiple extension codes, your lights flicker or you just need more outlets, retrofit lighting for your commercial space should be your next investment.


Transformers adjust incoming current and voltage for efficient and safe operation of custom of your electrical load. We can design custom transformers or install pad mounted units.

Landscaping lighting

From motion lighting to sconces and décor, EPE offers complete landscape lighting design solutions fro your home that can dramatically improve the beauty and security of your property.

Light Dimmers and Timers

Light dimmers and timers offers an array of functions, conserving energy , reducing utility costs, improving security while you are away , and enhancing ambiance when you are home.

Track and Accent Lighting

Track and accent lighting such as pendant style light are one of the most inexpensive ways to transform your living space , adding personality and functionality For fire safety in your home

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